Our wind and solar battery charging systems are designed to meet the needs of the boater and recreational vechicle owner. The addition of a wind or solar charging system provides a simple and cost effective method of maintaining the charge on your batteries. They can even provide the extra power to run appliances without the fear of over draining your batteries.

The kits provide the main hardware and components you will need for a safe and trouble free installation and operation. The wind turbines and solar panels are either self regulating or the kits contain a charge controller that automatically tapers the charge rate as your batteries approach full charge. The beauty of this type of system is that it is easily expanded to meet your future needs.

Installing a wind and or solar system into your RV or boat can increase your safety and enjoyment while helping to assure your batteries are maintained at their optimum charge. This is reassuring when it comes to essential electrical equipment such as radios, lighting and navigational aids. Solar and Wind charging systems can continue to top-off your batteries even when your RV or boat is in storage, reducing your need for recharging and increasing the life of your batteries.

Imagine being in the middle of nowhere and having the convenience of fully charged batteries without having the expense and exhaust of a noisy generator. Our charging systems are designed to easily integrate into your electrical system to charge your batteries automatically and quietly.

These wind generators are for charging 12 or 24 volt lead acid and nickel cadmium batteries.  The power generated is directly related to wind speed and the energy is converted into electricity.  Once purchased the power produced is free and the uses are many on land and sea, both for regular and emergency use.

Flat batteries are at least an inconvenience, and at worst a disaster, if safety, or essential equipment is without power.  Furthermore, the time and cost of charging and replacing batteries can be substantial.  Constantly run down batteries have short lives, and an engine idling to charge them suffers much wear and tear, not to mention the exhaust and noise.  Wind generators can help avoid problems, reduce costs and provide the power to make life more enjoyable and safer