Lake Michigan Wind & Sun, Ltd.
Residential Wind Turbine,
Photovoltaic Module & Tracker Power Output Study


Lake Michigan Wind & Sun does not just sell renewable energy equipment, we live with it on a daily basis. We provide systems composed of high quality components.

In order for us to better provide for our customers we continually test equipment, including wind turbines, photovoltaic modules and solar thermal equipment.


These tests, which are in part sponsored by Wisconsin Energy Bureau, Focus on Energy, provide real life power output data for residential wind turbines and photovoltaic modules.

The wind turbines being monitored for this project were selected based on their heavy duty construction, low noise, and low rpm rotors.

The photovoltaic study compares a Passive to an Active Solar Tracker. The passive tracker is manufactured by Zomeworks and utilizes a refrigerant charged framework and reflector system to "passively" track the sun. The active dual axis tracker by WattSun utilizes a motor driven tracking system.


In addition to the tracker comparison we are also testing the three main types of photovoltaic modules, single crystalline, polycrystalline and thin film amorphous.

Output values will be added on a monthly basis.

Photovoltaic & Tracker Data (updated on 4/4/03)
Wind Turbine Data (updated on 4/4/03)