Three types of towers are most often used for residential sized wind electric systems. Depending on the combination of wind generator and tower, a tower top adapter may be necessary We can fabricate these tower top adapters for you, and even have them hot dip galvanized for the best corrosion resistance available.
The TILT-UP-TOWER is the most user friendly tower since it is very easy to install, and allows for easy maintenance of your wind generator. Our standard line of tilt-up towers are guyed pipe/tube towers and are available either complete or in kit form. Tilt-up-towers are also available in the guyed lattice type. Tilt-up-towers require four sets of guy wires and fairly level ground. Typical guy radii range from 30 to 50% of tower height.

GUYED-LATTICE tower is available in several different sizes and thus several different strengths. It is not a tilt-up tower in its most common configuration since it is only guyed in three directions, but it can be modified to tilt up and down. This is often the least expensive option and can be found used since it is a common tower for tele-communications installations. This type of tower can be installed using a crane or a gin pole.

FREE-STANDING is the strongest tower but also the heaviest. It is usually installed using a crane. Although it is possible to have hinges installed on this type of tower, the crane or other heavy equipment is still necessary for tower raising and lowering. This tower has the advantage of no guy wires so that it may be the best option for places where ground space is limited. Free standing towers are most often lattice towers using either pipe or heavy angle for the three or sometimes four main support legs. Mono-tube towers are also available and come with higher pricetags.


All wind turbines require special mounting arrangements to adapt to specific commercially available towers. LMW&S provides adapters to meet your requirements. As one of our services we offer hot dip galvanizing for the ultimate in durability, long life and corrosion resistance.

Tower Top Adapters typically range in price from $200 to $2000 depending on complexity and size. Wind turbine and tower specifications information needed to design the correct tower top.