Tower kits include the components we manufacture (anchors, couplings, pivot assembly), all guy
cables, hardware and a manual. The manufactured components will arrive primed but must be painted. The tube/pipe will come from your local supplier as bare metal that also needs to be primed and painted. The tube/pipe will also have to be drilled to accept the wind generator and the LMW&S tower kit. The turnbuckle (T/B) and pulley kits are optional. If turnbuckles are not used, the guy cables are attached with cable clamps which are equally secure but make for a longer installation. Pulleys are required to lift the tower! Omit this option only with other access to pulleys, cable and hardware.

Complete towers include the above items, the turnbuckle package and pulley kit, and the appropriate amount of 4" 11 gauge tube for the 4" tower kits and 5" schedule 40 pipe for the 5" towers. The components that we manufacture require painting. In addition the tube/pipe will need to be primed, painted and drilled.

Galvanized (hot dipped) towers are the same as the complete tower, but the manufactured components are galvanized. The tube/pipe is galvanized & drilled to fit your wind generator & the LMW&S tower kit.

Adapters may be required to mount different brands of wind generator to these towers. Please call for price quotes!

Required Tools are simple hand tools like vise grips, wrenches & a drill. Suggested items include a come along, spud, wood for blocking and for building your temporary gin pole.

Manuals are also available separately for $40 which is credited towards your tower purchase.

Lightning protection is not included but is required. If you are unsure about proper lightning protection methods & devices, please contact us.